How hiring a WP assistant via AscendWP Talent helped Bold Layout reduce costs by up to 60% compared to hiring an in-house US developer.
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Background Information

Bold Layout, a United States-based web design company, enlisted the services of AscendWP Talent for hiring a virtual assistant in 2021.

Specialising in both website management and new website builds, Bold Layout needed a reliable team that could work within their timezone and seamlessly handle diverse tasks while prioritising effective communication.


Bold Layout needed a WordPress developer who could operate in their timezone and has the skills needed to fit into the team. The company aimed to find a solution that not only met their technical needs but also provided the reliability and convenience of synchronous collaboration.

AscendWP Talent’s Solution:

We matched Bold Layout with the perfect fit for their specific talent requirements. Boldlayout hired a dedicated WordPress developer via AscendWP Talent, this enabled the company to receive consistent and reliable support.

The developer worked during Bold Layout’s operational hours, this allowed for real-time updates, timely support, and the flexibility to adapt to the company’s evolving needs and daily task management. AscendWP Talent’s commitment to effective communication became a key factor in preventing the usual challenges digital agencies face when it comes to working with freelancers or virtual assistants. Bold Layout also took advantage of the free replacement guarantee when they needed a new developer after the first 18 months.


The partnership with AscendWP Talent has been beneficial to Bold Layout’s operations. Daily tasks get done, even when the business owner has meetings or other engagements. The dedicated developer helps with website management and ticket support, providing the business owner with the peace of mind needed to focus on client management, supervising and other strategic aspects of the business.

Bold Layout currently saves 80 hours per month with the dedicated assistant program. In total, AscendWP Talent’s solutions helped Bold Layout reduce costs by up to 60% compared to hiring an in-house US developer.

In summary, the collaboration with AscendWP Talent has not only resolved Bold Layout’s challenges with freelancers but has also enabled the company to efficiently execute tasks, manage websites, and focus on business growth. This case study underscores the value of partnering with a reliable provider of offshore talent. AscendWP Talent provides access to a pool of pre-vetted WordPress developers and assistants with diverse skill sets and empowers solopreneurs and agency owners to grow their businesses without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

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