How SolidWP reclaimed 80 hours monthly, improved turnaround times and streamlined business operations by leveraging on pre-vetted and reliable offshore Talent.

Background Information

SolidWP is a Netherlands’ based digital agency specializing in 247 WordPress support and website management. As a sole proprietorship, the owner faced the challenge of balancing a huge clientele list: never ending and time-consuming tasks of website maintenance, updates, and support. SolidWP’s goal was to streamline their operations, improve client satisfaction, and maximize cost-efficiency.


Being a solo entrepreneur, the owner of SolidWP found it increasingly challenging to juggle critical yet repetitive tasks associated with maintaining websites and improve turnaround times. The need for extra hands to help with consistent updates, security measures, troubleshooting, and client support was evident, but hiring an in-house WordPress developer seemed financially burdensome for a growing business.

AscendWP Talent’s Solution

SolidWP partnered with AscendWP Talent to address their challenges. The tailored service offered by AscendWP Talent provided SolidWP with a dedicated and experienced WordPress developer to handle website maintenance, updates, troubleshooting, and client support. The flexibility of AscendWP Talent’s service allowed SolidWP to start with a modest 2 hours daily plan, ensuring a gradual integration and assessment of the service.

The assigned developer from AscendWP Talent worked in the client’s timezone and became an integral part of SolidWP’s team, seamlessly managing tasks such as updating websites, handling migrations, performing backups, troubleshooting bugs and providing responsive support to client inquiries and tickets. This not only freed up the owner’s time to focus on core business activities and client projects but also ensured that the critical aspects of website maintenance were handled efficiently.

As SolidWP experienced the tangible benefits of AscendWP Talent’s service, they decided to scale up their plan. Satisfied with the initial 2 hours daily plan, they upgraded to a 4 hours daily plan. This allowed SolidWP to further enhance their website maintenance capabilities, provide even quicker turnaround times for client support, and solidify their reputation for WordPress maintenance.

The cost savings for SolidWP were substantial. By opting for AscendWP Talent’s service, they were able to save up to 70% compared to the expenses associated with hiring a full-time, in-house WordPress developer. 


AscendWP Talent’s tailored solution proved to provide lots of value  for SolidWP. The ability to seamlessly integrate a dedicated WordPress developer into their operations not only relieved the owner of time-consuming tasks but also allowed SolidWP to offer more efficient and responsive services to their clients. The flexibility of AscendWP Talent’s plans enabled SolidWP to start small and scale up as needed, showcasing the adaptability of the service to the evolving needs of growing businesses. AscendWP Talent provided the client with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides support, answers questions and tackles any issues immediately. The client also made use of our onboarding checklist at the start of the engagement to set up the basic process required to start working efficiently with the new assistant. This case study highlights how hiring help for website maintenance and support through AscendWP Talent can be a strategic and cost-effective solution for digital agencies looking to optimize their operations and provide exceptional services to their clients while saving on costs. If you’d like to white label website maintenance to a reliable partner, reach out to SolidWP. Do you need help with maintaining websites; attending to support tickets, troubleshooting, website backups, migration among other tasks? Reach out to us or schedule a free consultation call to hire a WordPress virtual assistant at affordable rates and flexible basis. No contract, no monthly commitments.

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